Lane Closures

Lanes are closed. We bring crews, vehicles, and equipment. Safety is our main priority. Effective traffic control requires preparation. On municipal roads and highways where there is less traffic, lanes are either totally closed or have portions of them closed. A Truck with a Mounted Attenuator (TMA) and an assisting crew are needed in the event of a highway closure. As it travels through the work zone, the TMA keeps the team and oncoming traffic safe.

Flagging Crew

Traffic control relies heavily on flagging teams. Using paddles marked "Stop/Slow," traffic control personnel signal drivers. A crew, truck, and equipment are needed. Flagging crews work on regional and municipal roadways. The crews ensure that everyone, including bikers and pedestrians, are safe as they pass by and through construction sites.

Traffic Detours & Diversions

Detours and diversions are set up when traffic must take a different path than the usual one to get past construction zones to help with the flow of traffic. In order to help with the operation at hand, we supply the traffic control personnel, a truck, and all necessary equipment. We can offer a Traffic Management Plan that is necessary for these diversions. More on this below.

Traffic Management Plans

For work on highways, regional roads, and municipal roads, a Traffic Management Plan must be submitted in order to receive a Road Occupancy Permit (ROP). A Traffic Management Plan is created with careful attention to detail because each client's needs are unique. This includes the necessary equipment and sign placement in accordance with Book 7 for a ROP approval.